Proud To Offer 24 Hour Electrician Service

Being an electrician, like being a plumber, or a fireman, or an ambulance driver, carries a certain level of responsibility. Just like those other services, people rely on us here at Lineage 24 Hour Electrician in emergency situations such as power restoration after an outage. Of course, we also offer non-emergency services as well, like ceiling fan installation. On any job, though, we bring a high level of care and a commitment to serving your best results possible. Let’s get to work.


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Our Services

Got a broken light that no number of new bulbs will turn back on? Call us for a light fixture repair — we also repair light switches, which might be the solution. Maybe it’s just the wiring, which is fine, because we do wiring repair. Has one of your breakers tripped and you can’t un-trip it? Call us for a circuit breaker repair. We also do electrical panel replacement, if the problem is worse than that. Has one of your outlets stopped powering your devices for some reason? We do outlet repair. Just call us if you have any questions whatsoever!

Service Area

If you’re in Long Island City or elsewhere in Queens County, you can count on us.